How to sell personal training and create $2000 per week income

How to sell personal training and create $2000 per week income

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Hey guys and girls Joshua here from SmarterPT the fitness business agency. I’m a fitness business coach, and I help trainers get more clients, more sessions, more income and more success in their business.

So in today’s video, I wanted to talk about something that I coach personal trainers and fitness business owners on every day, and that is becoming a 6-figure, multiple 6-figures or how to leverage their business to strive towards that 7-figure mark…

I know what you are thinking, 7-figures… from personal training… yeah right!

Here is the thing before I get into today. Once you start making multiple 6-figures in personal training. There is a transitional point where you personally are making the 6 figures to when it becomes that the business is making that money since you are leveraging off trainers and staff, multiple locations or online programming.

You’re not going to to be able to manage holy and solely a 7 figure business by yourself and profit everything and be training every single client unless you are charging clients $500 a single PT session.

I just wanted to clear that up, and I find that a huge barrier of self-belief and limitation for many trainers to wrap around their head the concept of 7-figures.

We even get many trainers who can’t figure out 6-figures, their belief of if it is possible can be their limitation as for the median average wage for most people who work is around 65-80K a year.

But a 100K fitness business when done right, It’s easy! In this video, I’ll share the key components on how to achieve.

Now me personally and my business, we are coaching personal trainers worldwide on how to grow their business. We do exactly what we promise, and that is to help them get more clients, more sessions, more income and more success in their business by providing trainers with EVERYTHING they need to be successful from a business standpoint and also coaching.

So lets, dive into this as I want to help you identify what you need to be doing to take your business next level as you are the captain, the president and CEO of your business and life and we are the compass to help guide across your path.

Today we are going to focus on what I believe is the key components

So the first lesson or key element in #1 position is WHAT!

WHAT is your outcome.
WHAT is it that you want to achieve.
WHAT is is that you want
…and this WHAT is Dollars and Cents.

How much money do you want to make in your business?

This is so important as it was a few months back, I had a video chat with a trainer, who said he want to make 6 figures, and when I asked how much a week is that for him he said $1000, which is $1000 short of 6 figures.

Now the beauty of PT is that it’s not a one-off product. It’s not like you have 1 client, for 1 session. Where you have 40 clients 1 week and then next week you have 40 new, different clients.

You sell an ongoing service, You build your business up, with every client you create more and more recurring income.

Some trainers might be thinking, well that’s my problem, I don’t do well with keeping clients, that’s why its a struggle to get 6 -figures.

Then we need to think WHY? Is it lack of systems, lack of knowledge, accountability, poor accountability, not using PT software or you’re not using EFT.

Now EFT this is a huge one.

you need to have EFT, this means a direct debit system, a company that debits the client for the before their week of training or month of training with you.

Speak to anyone making 6 figures and above they will tell you, There is no way to built a 6 figure business on just cash payments. So if you’re wondering why clients leave, why you are owed money, why you have inconsistent income, and you are not using EFT this is a simple solution to help.

I know trainers that implement EFT, and in a matter of weeks, their business is making consistent income and several hundred more without anything else.

So once you have an EFT system in place, every week you will get a predicted consistent income.


So if we look at 100K business that is $8,333.33 cents rounding up to $8400 a month or $1923 rounded up to $2000 weekly

And as the video suggest. This is all about being a 6-figure personal training business.

If you have a few clients and you are making on EFT a $1000 a week, then we know you need another $1000 to make that $2000.

Simple Maths…

In our coaching program, we teach you how a client and how you can sell PT for $99-$198 a week. You can charge that amount because of the tools, services and systems you can provide to your members.

Now if you need to make an extra $1000, All you need is 2 new clients a week for 5 weeks to make up that extra money depending on if they are doing 2-3 sessions, which means it can be even higher.

So how can you get those 2 clients every week? We then workout how many people do you need to get in front of, how many consults do you need to book, how many leads do you need to generate.

Everyone is different, but saying that maybe you’re not that greatest at selling, but you know that If you generate 15 leads, you can sell 2 members on average, then generating 2-3 leads every day, will turn into 2 sold client a week.


And also with Our PT software and for trainers, you can leverage off that 80-90% of all consults can be sold into something, whether that be PT or a low end offer of programming for workouts or meal plans.

Then once these clients build trust within you, then offer them the opportunity again to be sold into PT for even greater results.

So this is where it comes down to you. To know what you need to be doing every day to get the outcome of $100k
Now a few of you are going to be thinking, but you find it hard to compete with other trainers!

Look I don’t like selling just personal training. I don’t like saying hey for $99 you are getting 2 PT sessions.

Look when you sell PT sessions and just training you are competing with every other trainer out there.

If you have ever had someone call you interested in PT they ask “How much” 90% of people will ask this, as they are shopping and basing it on sessions no the value that you can provide to them.

So apart of being a 6-figure business is selling VALUE and SERVICE over just sessions.

Remember your clients don’t wake up and say, I want a personal training… It’s the emotional connection that drove them to the idea of personal training.

So like we knew we wanted a 100K business (that’s your WHAT and outcome) what is it that the clients OUTCOME and WHAT?

Well, they want, for example, they want to lose weight, that wants to shed 20 kilos of weight, Flat Stomach.

So a big thing that you see me focusing on with the personal trainers we work with is setting them free from the over crowded space of just personal training and training sessions.

Your clients don’t want personal training sessions. They want a service which will get weight loss, strength, inches off their belly, flat stomachs, bikini bodies, feeling better.

And this is where most trainers get stuck…

“They advertise, their weight loss PT package which includes 2-sessions, a towel and water bottle.

All I see is 2 sessions, as this is the (VALUE). Your clients have a towel and water bottle at home. So while it’s a nice gesture to give that stuff it’s not VALUE.

Your clients know that their eating is not great, so help them with that, included tracking, logging, reference menus. This helps and is a part of the value and service you offer.

So besides personal training, we want to focus on not price, not sessions, but what is included value, what value are the clients going to get.

So you can transition from just a trainer who offers sessions to a trainer that offers an outcome, results and a service to your members.

This is all adding to being that 6-figure business.

So what other value can you include? In our PT coaching, we talk about how you can add 40+ value inclusions as perceived value to your programs.

Workout Plans directly to their mobile (no more pieces of paper) fumbling
Food logging and tracking
Custom meal plans.
Accountability and coaching
Community and monthly events.
Run a free challenge where they can bring friends
Supplement assessments
FREE Protein after every session
Gift cards for their friends

as just and example.

But also remember to include a crazy promise.

(A 100% money back guarantee) You are never going to have to pay this out as it’s based on results… Your clients are going to see some type of result, and if they are not, then clearly they are not working or logging their foods to your standards. Which is all a part of the agreement!

But remember you want to create value, that you offer so much that you then have a service and they can trust you. Nothing says more trust than a money back guarantee.

With everything, we are talking about it’s about not doing the same as everyone else, it’s about being different, but being different in a way that you become the competition.

As I know, you would rather have 20 loyal clients staying 8-10-12 months in your business, who have got amazing results, who are walking testimonials for your business. Then being like other trainers who have only a few sessions a week struggling to make money.

And finally, remember level upon the experience that the client is getting.

Offer stuff like free boot camp,
Wall of fame boards,
Extra video training
Offer an online personal training component.
Provide supplements for your clients to purchase.


I hope this helps guys and girls.

I’m Joshua from SmarterPT the fitness business agency. I hope this information can help you grow and understand what you need to do.

If you need any help, please reach out on Youtube, Facebook or personally via email.

And remember to believe in yourself and don’t be like every other trainer!


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