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A Message From Our CEO!

Dear Personal Trainers,

As cliche as it sounds, a 6 figure+ business is a super simple goal to a achieve... If you know what you are doing. I have gone through the battle and came out with the scares to defy how big you can grow a PT business.

Imagine what it would be like to double, triple and quadruple your whole business in the next few months... Without needing to fork out $500-$10,000 for some course.

Our fitness business agency has been successfully working with trainers worldwide to crush their competition, so other trainers need to start competing against them, not the other way around.

The trainers working with SmarterPT see an immediate impact. We take the frustration out; from not earning enough income, struggling with client retention, that doubt you made the wrong decision in becoming a be a $100,000+ 6-figure business with clients, success and results to even hire trainers that work for you! (there are no limits).

Yep, I know, It sounds too good to be true. We know it works, It is working for trainers worldwide. We not only give you everything you need, but we also provide an exclusive PT software platform that enables trainers to dominate in their business.

Joshua - CEO

A complete online fitness and nutrition solution that gives you the tools and resources that will excel your clients goals and position you as the professional.

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Smarterpt is exactly what the name implies! You are going to be smarter at personal training. These strategies, plans, software, systems and everything that is included has been the fire I needed to consistently achieve over $3100 a week for 10 weeks straight.

I have even hired my first trainer who works for me to have a total business income of $4300 a week. Thanks Joshua.

Ryan A, Australia

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Everything is at your fingertips when you want it. Build towards a successful fitness empire that's focused on building your business correctly right from the start.

An Army Of Experts

The core PT Software has been drawn up by an army of fitness experts, health professionals, registered dieticians and researchers to ensure that this works and is going to work for anyone no matter if they want to lose weight, be stronger, build muscle, lose body fat or increase their athletic performance!

Used and trusted by our members worldwide for all their coaching and PT software needs

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When you join you get access to the ultimate database of knowledge, plans, programs, coaching and education so you become the competition! Everything is laid out for your continued success through our SmarterPT membership site and virtual business coaching.

Don't suck as a trainer!

We got you covered from setup, establishing your goals, business programming, sales strategies, design, implementations to hiring staff to work for you. You will become the best personal trainer that people want to be trained by!

"I've been coaching with Joshua and SmarterPT for 6 months now. I have built to 39 total clients in 5 months and went from $160 a week to as of last week $2532."

Mark V, Australia

"I started on the coaching and using the software 4 months ago. I have gone from doing 10-15 sessions a week to now doing 58 personal training sessions booked at the gym this week."

Jackson T, Australia

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