The secret to more Personal Training Clients, Sessions and Income?

The secret to more Personal Training Clients, Sessions and Income?
What is my secret to more personal training clients, more personal training sessions and more income?

With every day that passes, new trainers joining, business phone calls, coaching calls and working with trainers worldwide. I get to see what works and what isn’t working for all the personal trainers that have joined our SmarterPT family.

So is there a secret? Are there quick fixes? This is a daily question I get from newbies, new member and inquiries that flood our email!

I continue to coach trainers daily, break down their limitations of what is possible, help them go from 10 sessions to 50+, building an online business, create more income, create systems and strategies that help them to be the competition without needing to compete with others.

I see other coaches and gurus out there focus on QUICK Strategies, get 100 leads today, get 10 client in 7 next days or how to make an extra $2000 as these are the pain points the most if not all trainers will experience.

The quicker, the better, the faster you can achieve something isn’t always a successful way. I speak to trainers that have had quick huge success, followed by the months of pain and struggling.

My secret is simple!

Think about your business as a weight loss client!

  • Can you achieve your goal?
  • How determined are you?
  • Can you manage that goal?

For your business – It’s the true secret to the success of a personal trainer.

  • What is the goal? Use the systems, tools, plans and strategies to get there!
  • Are you going to give the effort needed to succeed? 90-100% every day!
  • Can you manage that goal? Maintain results, Maintain the sessions per week, maintain your income, Continue to get results with your clients, and continue to be the competition.

There is no trickery, there is no sneak ways or 1 strategy to rule them all.

Ask yourself and write it out!

  1. How determined are you to achieve your goal and stay there?
  2. Are you willing to invest in your business for long lasting results?
  3. How are you going to play and win within your fitness business?

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