Exercise Your Business Like Your Muscles

Exercise your business like your muscles!
By Joshua Haswell

As personal trainers and fitness entrepreneurs, we need to be dedicating time and energy building our ‘business building muscles’ so we can build our dream lifestyle and empire.

Yes, I use the word empire, as that is what I believe my business is and should always be. It might be a small empire, but I have created 6-figure businesses, travelled the world, we have both online and face-to-face clients, and most importantly we love every second of it.

As a personal trainer and fitness professional I guess you do some physical exercise or at least spend a minimum of 10 hours a week exercising (getting changed, warm up, workout, cool down, shower, change) if not more. We do this since our business is our body. If we were overweight, unfit and a personal trainer, you could expect that clients won’t hire you or believe a word you have to say about fitness.

Our body to an extent can be our ‘lead capture’ in our business, but we need a reason for clients to want to buy and stay with us as a long-term client. Who would have got advice from Arnold when he was overweight and the governor of California? Arnold has his business muscle worked out to the max, that his name added to any product creates immediate credibility as he has positioned himself as an expert in the industry.

1 thing I have noticed when coaching and helping personal trainers worldwide to create successful businesses is their unwillingness to spend the time to exercise their ‘business building muscle’. We need to workout and exercise our business every day to grow. We should be working out several different business muscles for a full-body business blast!

Are you:

  • A struggling personal trainer or fitness business?
  • Do you rely on personal training as your primary source of income?
  • Are you finding you’re stressed about where the next dollar is coming from?
  • Are you finding that your income is stagnant?
  • Or have you no leverage in your business?
  • If any of these sound like you, let’s start working out our business muscles!

Step 1. Spend 1 hour more each week building your business muscles more than your actual muscles. So if you are spending 5 hours in the gym, spend 6 hours on your business.

Step 2. Figure out what in your business is lacking. If you are a full-time personal trainer, and you don’t have 40-50+ 1-on-1 sessions / not making at least $2000 p/w from training, then you need to generate more leads.

Step 3. If you are generating leads, but not converting 80% into a sale, then you need to work on your sales, packages, plans and knowledge.

Step 4. If you are not keeping clients and your business is always up and down, think about what things you can control. Direct debits, longer terms, contract periods, better programs, reasons for clients to stay and a WOW factor such as cutting edge personal training software and meal plans.

Step 5. Invest your time in a passive income stream, something that allows you to leverage your business, time and income to cover all your basic living expenses. As a fitness business, I’m sure that an extra $2000 of passive income for investing 3 hours to building your business muscle would be worth it.

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Over and Out!

Joshua Haswell

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