Anatomy Of Fitness Business Profits

I Wish I knew this when I started Personal Training! Anatomy of PT
By Joshua Haswell

Wow, it hit me one day. I love to exercise. I love the feeling of working out and getting my sweat on, and I love transforming my body to new levels and increasing my strength.

I thought how about I become a Personal Trainer and get paid for what I love!


Before I get into the article lets go back and let me tell you a story…

My Dad, he was always into educating me about becoming an entrepreneur and that I won’t get anywhere working for someone else… One thing he also told me and reminded me on a daily basis is to invest and buy my first property.

19 year old me ‘Silly dad, you don’t know anything, why would I want a debt, and all my hard earnings going into a property when I can use that money now and live life.’ oh how wrong I was. The ‘Young’ silly Joshua didn’t realise that he would be investing in his future, he was investing into something that was going to help him live his life.

I could have purchased a 1 bed, bath & car for $199k back then, now a similar property in Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia range from $650K-$900k… I feel like such a fool!

I wish I could go back 10 years and tell young Joshua that “Dad is right!”.


NOW Imagine if you could go forward into the future and speak to your older self?

What advice would you seek about your current business? I’m sure you would ask questions like ‘what should I avoid’, ‘how can I be successful’, ‘the plans’, ‘how to’, ‘will I make it’… All the questions a successful fitness business coach could also tell you.

Unfortunately, an older version of me hasn’t yet visited me while writing this article so. Apparently, time travel won’t be developed in my life… But successful business development and proof has!…

You have me and our coaches, mentors and teachers right here right now with future strategies you can implement in your business to future proof your success. We can predict the future and give you strategies that will excel your business forth if you apply it. If you are starting out as a personal trainer or if you are struggling and have been in the industry then ‘LISTEN UP’.


Let me give you an insight into the future and things you wish you knew now rather than later.

Running a PT business is HARD –It’s not about being the best looking, about how much you can bench press or even how great your ass looks in your Lorna Jane’s. It’s about how you can be more than just a personal trainer, to run a successful business. Transform your thinking from a Personal Trainer into a Personal Training BUSINESS OWNER.

The Anatomy of a PT Business owner – You’re a personal trainer so all you have to do is train clients right? WRONG.

You will be surprised to know that personal training is actually about 10% of your successful business. Here is the anatomy and break down of the different parts that need to work together in your business:

The heart of a PT business;

  • Leads Generation Coordinator
  • Business Relationship Manager
  • Client Retention Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Attitude and Morale Officer

The Brain of the business;

  • Administration
  • Consultation Manager
  • Planning and development manager
  • Business forecasting manager
  • CEO
  • Training and Development Manager

The Limbs of a PT business;

  • Social Media expert
  • Content Creator
  • Website development guru
  • Event Coordinator
  • Advertising expert

The body of your PT business;

  • Personal Trainer
  • Exercise and program creator
  • Fitness Expert

Wow so many parts to business & YES for your business to be successful you need ALL OF THEM! PLUS you also need to be each and every one of them when starting out or looking to expand!


How can I have a successful business?

I have clients asking this all the time, but firstly how serious are you about having a successful business? Are you willing to spend day and night to ensure it succeeds? Can you invest your time in mastering all business roles? Are you prepared to action every item in your fitness marketing business plan? Can you see yourself being more than a personal trainer and being a business owner? Do you want to position yourself as an expert?

If you answered yes, and meant it, we can help you. Business is like school, if you want to have A+ and get the top grades, you need to be willing to work hard for it, spend late nights cramming and studying for upcoming exams.

If you are still reading and wondering when am I going to get to the juicy stuff that is going to help create you a successful business then, please re-read it again!

In health and fitness,

Joshua Haswell

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