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Add, the extra production value needed to your videos. Check out the range of video available!

How To Purchase

Step 1: Watch the video(s) and remember what you like.

Step 2: Click the buy now button below.

Step 3: Email with the requested information. Video Name, Receipt Number, Your Logo, The Text(s) (no longer than 35 characters including spaces) and requested HEX colour changes if applicable.

We will email you, the video(s) once completed.

Cost: All videos are $68 each.

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Title Abstract

Text & Colour +

1 x Text (Title)
1 x Text (Subtitle)
-Optional Change-
Background Colour
Circles Colour

NOTE: If you do not mention colour changes, they will be as the default video.

Title Neon

Text & Colour +

1 x Text (Title)
1 x Text (Subtitle)
-Optional Change-
Title Colour
Subtitle Colour
Arrow 1 Colour
Arrow 2 Colour
Arrow 3 Colour

NOTE: If you do not mention colour changes, they will be as the default video.

FAQ & Common Questions

What Type Of Logo Should I Use? +

The best logo to use is one that has a transparent background if your desire. Make sure all logos with transparent backgrounds are in .png files. Logos in .jpeg files remove their transparency when being converted into this file format.

The Video below will show the difference.

Can you speed up or delay items in the video? +

The demo videos show the exact timing of each item that appears in the video. These items will appear as they do in the video. You can change items such as colours, text and logos but not their speed.

Can I get a discount? +

We offer all paying coaching and mentoring members a 15% discount. Log into the members area to get the code!

Can I add my own music? +

You can choose the option to have the music and sound effect that are by default in the demo videos. Or Choose for the video to have no sound.

When you're editing your own videos you can add any music that you wish!

How long will it take for me to get my video? +

We aim to get most videos done ASAP within a 24-hour turnaround. Since video production isn't our full-time purpose, other tasks might be more critical such as coaching and mentoring; therefore video can take up to 72 hours or 3 business days.

When will new videos be made available? +

We aim to add new videos every month. An email and notice will be sent to all members and email subscribers.

We are working on bringing a load of new videos such as;
Logo Videos
Title Videos
Intro Videos
Outro Videos
Alpha Videos
Overlays Videos
Transitions Videos
Social Media Videos

Can you remove the background from my logo? +

Depending on the quality of your logo image and the background colour we can attempt to remove the background for you. We can't guarantee how well it will turn out. You can search google to see how it is done.