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Meal Planning & Menus Options

Instant Adaptive Calorie Specific Menus / Meal Plans

Healthy Heart

Based on heart healthy diet emphasising healthy fats, fish, whole grains, fruits and veg.


Designed for those who do not consume red meat, pork or poultry.

Night Out

Specifically designed for those special occasions when you have a planned night out.

Lactose Free

Designed for people who are lactose intolerant and must avoid milk-based products.


Contains approximately 40 percent carbohydrate, 30 percent protein and 30 percent fat.

Athletic Performance

Designed for individuals who exercise regularly or participate in sport or other athletic activity.

Healthy Fast Food

For those who are constantly on-the-go. Contains healthy items from restaurants and fast food.


Based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean protein.


You may modify any menus to fit your lifestyle and taste. Or create a meal plan from scratch.

  • Access to multiple lifestyle menus designed by a registered dietitian.
  • Ability to create customised mean plans.
  • Complete recipe database.

Professional Workout & Exercise Plans

Targeted & Proven Workout Plans

  • Lose weight, get lean, build muscle or improve your athletic performance. The software efficiently determines the best and proven program to help achieve those goals.
  • Corrective exercise plans to relieve nagging body pain and build strength foundation from; foot and ankle, knee, lower back and shoulders.
  • Proven cardio, resistance and walking programs along with thousands of fitness videos developed by the professionals.
  • The same routines used by pro athletes, top fitness clubs and personal trainers around the world.
  • Over 1,000+ fitness videos, Plus exercise demo and muscle groups specific.
  • Create customised workout plans and upload your own exercises.
  • Specific programming for 20-40 minute routine, core training, flexibility, in-season bodybuilding, lean and tone, max muscle, senior fitness training or youth fitness training.
  • Instantly push any new workout to your clients workout schedule in a few clicks


Each exercise has the complete video, so you and your clients are never lost.


You can easily toggle between; Female & Male pictures of each exercise.

Muscle Group

When expanding the exercise, it will show the muscle group being worked.


Detailed Instructions, reps, sets, duration, intensity, tempo & rest.

“When it comes to the integration of an effective online and in-club fitness, nutrition and dietary supplement program,  this is absolutely the best solution in the industry. It’s easy to implement, the support is phenomenal, the trainers love it, the members use it… and it drives cash to the bottom line.”

Brian F, USA

Client Dashboard

Tracking Calories, Exercise and Weight Is Important!

  • Since this intuitive dashboard instantly shows the calories consumed vs. calories burnt. This gives you and your client instant power to know if they have to exercise more or eat less to his their calorie goals.
  • Can easily log all activities from this individualise screen. Log Exercise, Log Weight and Log Exercise.

In-built Accountability

The advanced backend system virtually coaches all your clients automatically.

  • Build in accountability and coaching will remind your clients to update their stats and adjust menus.
  • The Programming adjusts their plans based on their target for their goals. Automatically recommend changes.
  • Personalised supplement recommendation, based on your clients PARQ, health screening and goals.
  • Complete Progress Chart, to determine when goals will be achieved vs. actual based on logging and weigh-ins

Advanced Food Logging App

In-Built is one of the most advanced food logging app!

70,000+ Items

A massive database of foods and food items that can be quickly logged.

Fast Calorie Add

In 10-seconds quickly add your meals and items to your log. Using the quick add function.

Water Log

Set up your client to track their water intake during the day for optimum hydration.


Switch to a detailed macro nutrient view of everything logged & scheduled.

Add Your Own

Add handcrafted meals, meals ideas or menu items you have around the house.


Quickly favourite meals and menus that you eat more frequently. Making logging even faster.

Menu Log

With a simple click, you can log the preferred calories specific menus instantly created.

Setup Meals

Easily schedule and arrange from either 3 up to 7 meals including snacks.

Since implementing this just six months ago, we have already tripled our PT business.

If we didn’t have the PT software & nutrition platform, there’s no way we could have accomplished this. Both our veteran and new Trainers have benefitted tremendously. For example, we follow the system exactly as it is designed to be followed. As a result, we now have a reliable, consistent and proven system that all of our Trainers can use during Orientations and one in which we can hold them accountable to.

We are becoming a true Health Club, rather than just a training center.

Mike A, USA

Develop Comprehensive Plans

Creating and Choosing Workout Plans

You can choose many exercises from the extensive library when editing workouts or creating plans from scratch.


When developing your individualised plan for your client, you can tell the system what equipment is available. Choose from;

  • Free Weights
  • Machines
  • Cable or Tubing
  • Medicine Ball
  • Body Weight
  • Stability Ball
  • Foam Roller
  • Custom

Member Management

Quickly and easily view all your members from your own individual login portal.

  • Create unlimited programs and workouts for your clients.
  • Quick View: On the fly you can check your clients progress.
  • Change your clients program requirements in a few clicks.
  • Quickly add new clients from your members portal.
  • View when your clients programs were created, last food log, last activity log, last measurement log and last login.

You can easily check up on each of your members;

  • Program Created
  • Last Food Log
  • Last Activity Log
  • Last Measurement Log
  • Last Online Order
  • Last Website Login
  • Manage Their Programs
  • Filter Members

Expand Your PT Niche & Target Market

You don't need to limit your plans to just your niche market. Now you can go beyond the typical weight loss, bodybuilding or toning plans to offer Sports Performance workout plans that sports, medicine and science have proven to work.

A HUGE Component that not only has provided our members and clients a great way of tracking their progress, but a valuable tool for the personal trainer to make adjustments in their diet, nutritional supplements and exercise routines. As a result our services, personal training, sales and supplement sales are both at record highs! It’s great to walk through the clubs and see better training techniques and confidence amongst the staff.”

James N, USA


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Personal Training Software for Online, in the gym, private studios to big-box gyms.

This is your complete fitness resource both on the ground and online! Max your clients results with the best software around.

You can be our next successful PT.

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