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I have been working with Joshua for 14 months now. I came on board as I was running a small studio with 3 other trainers but ended up being a full-time trainer not a business owner.

12 months ago after some initial hesitation, I decided to trust everything Joshua had to give. We replaced all the trainers. I added the PT software, tracking, all sales initiatives, packages and business structure.

I went from a $800 profit in my business (after studio rent, paying trainers, maintenance, electricity, etc) to $3600 profit. I no longer need to be in there full-time, I train the clients I choose and the studio virtually operates on its own with a manager I have hired.

Ian L, Australia

1ON1 Fitness Business Mentoring for PT's

Results are individually based. Every business is different, and your business is unique. You will always be in control, and we are here to keep you focused on the direction and mission ahead.

Mentoring is the smartest decision you can make for your business. If you want to work with our business to position yourself as the market leader, you need to be serious!

We will help develop your personal training business to have multiple streams of income, structure, stability, successful sales strategies and significantly shift your financial situation forward.

What's Included In the
Fitness Business 1on1 Mentoring Program?

1on1 Personalised Business Mentoring

The Best Personal Training Software

PRO- Fitness Business Coaching & Membership

Your Own Online Supplement Store

  • Access to every feature of the Coaching Program, including all the personal trainer resources, audios, downloads, videos, sales, strategies, scripts and more.
  • Next level coaching where the whole program, strategies and content will be structured and designed towards your business goals.
  • A Coach (me) who will mentor and be an advisor towards your business, who has worked as a PT to assist you in fast tracking your business and personal goals
  • Dedicated Support with Accountability Calls: Coaching to help break through your barriers that are holding you back in the business & strategy calls
  • A 1on1 walk through with the personal training software. For quick establishment and use of it within your business.
  • Open access to the personal training software, and it's features.
  • Your coach is there to assist you through each step of the coaching plan.
  • A Coach, who has worked as a PT to support and fully understand the demands required.
  • Coaching unique to your own personal and business goals to help you create the quickest path to financial freedom.
  • We keep you accountable to every action and step of the coaching plan. If not, I'm on the phone to ensure you get it done!

Free business health check worth $299

Ready to work smarter?

As your mentor we are in the trenches of your business, keeping you accountable, pushing you to your limits as a business owner and making sure you can see the light at the end of all this hard and enjoyable work.

We are going to help you get back to what it is that you love. No matter if that is being a trainer, running multiple PT studios or being a freedom online personal trainer.

Book Your Free Business Strategy Sessions Today!

Smarterpt is exactly what the name implies! You are going to be smarter at personal training. These strategies, plans, software, systems and everything that is included has been the fire I needed to consistently achieve over $3100 a week for 10 weeks straight.

I have even hired my first trainer who works for me to have a total business income of $4300 a week.

Ryan A, Australia

You can be our next successful PT.

Our passion is to help personal trainers be the best version of their business they can be. We want that to also extend to your fitness business. As our gift to you, we can jump on a quick strategy call to see how our business can help yours succeed.

Book Your Free Business Strategy Sessions Today!