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FAQ & Common Questions

How do I get 1on1 coaching or mentoring? +

With business, there are tasks we want to complete, and there are tasks that we dread. This is the same with learning, coaching and even certain exercises.

You will find that the easier task or task you want to complete will often be done first, but the way we have set out the coaching and mentoring is done in particular order to ensure there is always a path to success.

How long is the coaching program? +

This is personally up to you as an individual. If you're picked to come onboard within the coaching program, you can work at your own pace and speed at which you feel comfortable. The content will be available for you when you need it without providing too much information that can be an overload.

We ask all the coaching members that you at least complete the action tasks weekly. The programming has been designed to understand and then to action the particular task to produce a result.

Some modules and section can take 1 week, others up to a few weeks.

I have never had a mentor. What can I expect? +

As a mentor, I'm not your boss in anyway.

I'm an advisor and give guidance to your business and help troubleshoot any issues you might block your success. Mentoring is no joke. I'm here to keep you focused and accountable to your business goals and outcomes that you desire.

Since you are working 1on1 with a fitness business mentor the level of coaching is tailored to your individual needs and level of business you have build and want to build.

I've nearly finished my PT course, can I still join? +

Yes, this is one of the smartest moves any potential trainer can make. Personally, I believe that this level of coaching should be taught to all personal trainers before venturing out to becoming a trainer in a gym.

There is a significant gap between the certification and running a business that isn't taught at colleges or the institutes that administrate personal trainers.

Can I 'get rich quick' with these hacks? +

This isn't some get-rich-quick scheme, nor will I be teaching "hacks", "secrets", "tricks" or "loopholes" like a lot of other gurus out there teach. This is about building a profitable, and sustainable fitness business the right way!

Is the personal training software easy to use? +

The personal training software is very easy to use. Basic computer skills are required.

The software has complete training modules and sections separate from the coaching program. These are designed to teach you how to use the software from a consumer and also trainer point of view.

This way if you members have any issue you know exactly how to resolve it. The training modules are always growing, and there are interactive training modules, webinars, videos and walkthroughs.

Quick 4 minute video -
A Longer 20 minute demo -

Why are the supplements free Of MLM? +

If you don't know what MLM stands for it is Multi-Level Marketing. We are not against MLM but have decided to focus on providing our members with a solution free from the MLM world where you need to recruit a team and have to hit targets to get paid.

This way you can always be the expert in your clients eyes even to provide them with the best supplements for their goals.

How quickly will it take to start? +

Our process of is very quick and simple

For 1on1 Mentoring
Step 1; is to apply which only takes a few minutes.
Step 2; is your 1on1 application review chat with Joshua our director and fitness business coach.
Step 3; if you're approved, you will have access to everything we have to offer once everything is processed.

For the Fitness Business Coaching
Step 1 - We encourage trainers to join on the free 14 day trial. We offer it so you may as well take advantage.
Step 2 - Everything is immediately processed, so you are given instant access to the members area along with everything we promise.

How much will my income and sessions increase? +

How long is a piece of string? This is something that I can't give a significant answer about the percentage(%) or an absolute number as everyone is going to be different.

We do not position any of our product as a “get rich scheme.” As your success will be determined by your ability, knowledge, various skills, demographics, you and your commitment to ensuring you give 100% effort to be successful and make this work.

Can we jump on a quick call to make sure this is for me? +

If you are ready and willing to take your business to the next level, We'll lead you down the path to continued growth, increased profitability and income, and long-term success with your fitness business for years to come.

I got into this business for my love of coaching and helping personal trainers realise how they can immediately take control of the business and be a statistic of success. I get so fired up that I even set aside time every week to freely chat and help personal trainers worldwide for free.

If you want to jump on a call before getting started, simply follow the link!