Personal Trainers Being Replaced By Personal Training Software?

Personal Trainers Being Replaced By Personal Training Software?
Are Personal Trainers Being Replaced By Personal Training Software?



So I’ve been asked to speak at an upcoming online summit about PT software and the future of personal trainers. The topic that I’ve been asked to talk about is “Are personal trainers going to be replaced by software.”

Surprisingly many trainers who don’t adopt software into their business think that they can be replaced and are replaceable by software, which is very interesting.

Now, throughout my years of coaching this idea that trainers can be replaced has come up many times, it bring up a lot of past conversation with trainers who believe that PT software will replace them as they are;
-Scared of change
-Afraid of software
-Don’t know how to offer more!
-And hate implementing anything technical.

Implementing something technical is probably a big one, followed by being resistant to change.

Many trainers that fear this, I ask;
“So do you send emails to clients or do you write letters?”

And guess what 100% say they write emails as it easier and the norm to do so.

I know comparing emails to pt software isn’t the same, but it shares the same idea.

Did it replace the same form of communication with another YES, but did it replace the act of sending information from 1 person to another, and the answer is no.

And this is the same with PT software, it will replace services, but the act of training 1on1, group, semi-private or boot camps will largely be untouched.

We might see at a consumer level that yes many consumers might opt for Online programming, Online PT or consumer exercise software over 1on1 training initially, but that number wouldn’t be a reason to why a trainer failed at their business because they didn’t have enough clients.

Which I guess is the underlying factor. Trainers fear that they will lose clients to software, as they fear that their service of training isn’t as great as the software would be…

Think about this, I know that clubs and facilities that offer group training or classes. I’ve spoken to trainers saying that classes have robbed them of clients, but on the other hand, many trainers actually see a spike in 1on1 training as its the gateway from doing group training to the client then asking for more 1on1 help.

As the trainers that feel robbed are usually going to be the ones not doing the classes, as the didn’t want to change to offer that service.

If you fail to change you often stay they same which leads to a decline.

But even if we look at pre-software to online ebook programming as an example, there are that many online programs out there, but yet trainers are still in business. Many trainers use online programming as a gateway to their services;
A low entry ebooks, a 6-12 week pre-made programs which then get clients onto their list. To where the trainer can market or the client approaches the trainer.

Trainers can and should be using classes to funnel clients into their 1on1 sessions as it’s a great sales strategy.

So like how eBooks get clients in the door as leads, proven apps and PT software is the next step, to providing more support, services, accountability and retention of the client to want your services, get better results and stay longer.

So the whole topic of; Are personal trainers going to be replaced by software:

I do believe software, is going to be that next step but also a critical component in creating better quality trainers.

Which was the underlying factor of why we SmarterPT a fitness business agency for trainers have software in our business.

I’ve seen the success, the growth and figures, that software provides. It allows trainers to offer more, and I believe that software allows trainers to get back to what they love which is training.

At the end of the day, Trainers want to spend more time personal training, and less time worrying about writing plans or spending their admin time bulk down with all the time-consuming tasks that many trainers need to do.

But I also do believe that trainers who don’t offer software are going to be the trainers that yes, will be replaced but replaced by trainers who do offer the services that the software can provide.

It’s actually a funny topic. While typically, software and automation in other industries eventually replace their human counterparts, software in the fitness industry is an extension to what is needed for this industry to survive.

Speak to someone like me who is Pro PT software I believe that software will not replace Personal Trainers.
But speak to many old school trainers, many of them are scared that yes it will replace them, but yet they are scared themselves to even use training software.
This is like never learning to swim since you think you will drown, then you drown since you never learnt to swim.

It’s all about how can you support, provide and give back to your clients success inside but more importantly outside of their sessions. Your client needs more than just 1 hour of training to support their whole week.

I had a conversation a few weeks back, with another PT around “his opinion on personal training apps, and if he thinks that Personal trainers should be allowed to use it?”

Guess what; he was opposed, he thought, well I can’t quote the exact way he framed it, but it was along the lines.

PT software allows for trainers to cheat. Cheat as it makes it easier for themselves to know what they are doing.

So basically learning?

He went on to say;

That PT software and all these new trainers mean that trainers like himself are going to have to charge less and compete with these trainers fresh out of school when they have more experience in the industry…

But he hit the exact points of why I believe software helps enable trainers to be… Well more, better and more competitive.

With the right software, trainers become the competition. Newbie trainers can offer services that other trainers can’t. You offer a suite of services beyond that of just personal training. And as a trainer it makes it easier for you to create the services without needing to spend hours, you can literally do it in minutes.

I know personally, with our software, I can have a client up and running in under 10 minutes. They can have a specifically designed program to their ability, adjusts to their changes, keeps my clients accountable and gives me a way to monitor my clients to know what needs to be done.

While trainers without this software, can spend up to 3 hours in creating a 4-week program with workouts and menus. Then another 30 minutes making adjustments… And that’s just 1 client. Imagine having 30 clients.

I’ve seen trainers who spend 15 hours a week, writing programming, workouts, adjustments but struggling to make PT a viable option for business.

That 15 hours can be put to sale, marketing, knowledge and planning for the business.

When we swap time-consuming tasks with software and automation, you immediately see the changes, more sessions, more clients, more services, more money and less stress, but more importantly, results with your clients and trainers getting back to what they love doing which is training.

Now I know some people are going to say “well what about the education” will in our coaching program and the PT software we have extensive training, knowledge database, FAQ’s everything that a trainer needs, so they understand and actually know what they are doing. Inbuilt into the software is a coaching section that helps trainers coach their clients, with the education they need for lasting results.

But this is exactly what I want to discuss at the summit about Personal Training software and the magnitude of benefits it provides to your clients above anything you could really do on your own.

Now should you be implementing any software, well no! Only mine ah hah.

Look, to be honest, There are many different types of software out there, but really It will always come back to what is proven, what is working and what can provide you and your clients with everything they need.

If you can provide say meal plans and menus, do you know if your clients are eating that menu?

Many trainers get caught up in the idea that their software can create meal plans and workouts, but they need to be the ones who create the individual meal plans and structure all the workouts. Which at the end of the day can be very time-consuming!

This also means that trainers who don’t have experience and knowledge can’t individually balance nutrition or provide plans if their vegetarian, performance, lactose-free, etc.

This also leads to trainers just using the software as a template, and the programs don’t become specific for individual goals or are not scaled, basically trainers give everyone the same program.

So we recommend, clearly our software. ours can automatically create 8 unique and specific menus which can be a reference to or used 100% as it is specific to the unique calorie allowance of the member. You can go in and customise these plans however you want, or create something from scratch.

As to with the workouts, our platform from all the questions and goal of the client allows programs to be scaled to each of your client, their ability, equipment available, how long they have been training for and also the phase at which you want the client to work out within.

Thus making it one of the only programmings that can be adjusted from mums and dads to athletes and even youth and young athletes. And it’s the worlds only personalised holistic, health, fitness and nutrition solution.

Think about this at a trainers view, do you know if your clients are on target for achieving their goals?
Can you show your client when they are going to hit their goals?
Can you adjust your programming based on your clients weight logs, food logging and measurements?
Can this all be done with a click of a button?

Well we can, This is what we provide to help trainers.

I hope I helped many trainers to stop thinking about software as the enemy and how software is going to transform trainers and help them to get back to what they love which is training.

IF you want to learn more about our software, the links will be below.

I’m Joshua from SmarterPT the fitness business agency!


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