Brace Yourself PT’s, New Years Resolution clients ARE COMING.

Brace Yourself PT’s, New Years Resolution clients ARE COMING.

No doubt similar memes are going to be passed around, but brace yourself trainers for the most exciting time of year.

Below I have 5 Tips + Actionable Content that you can use…
Enjoy 🙂

Putting it out there – The average person who joins the gym statistically will quit after 2-3 months at the gym. They might come a few times, but a regular schedule will never be established.

Personal Trainers – Are only employed at a gym to ensure that ‘RETENTION’ of gym members is maximised through results.

Most clients – Are ignored by personal trainers who think they are ‘Newbies’ or ‘NewYear Resolutionist.’

Most trainers – Struggle to keep a filled calendar of clients.

So here are some fitting tips for personal trainers to ensure they can capture and establish a new solid base of clients and referrals that can carry their business for the next 12 months.

1. BE THERE – At the gym full time and over time. Most trainers think the new year, time to relax, holiday period or silly season. But this is the time for you to step up your game.

While other trainers have taken holidays, you can establish yourself as the ‘Go To’ trainer. By being one of the trainers who are there at the gym all the time.


2. DON’T BE SCARED – Fear of talking to prospective clients or new members is one of the most ‘Fearful’ things trainers don’t do.

Make it a habit to ensure that you speak to your niche clients or everyone for that matter at the gym.

You see someone struggling, not performing an exercise correctly or member that look lost, then be that trainer that is going to ensure they are looked after and helped.


3. ADVERTISE – One thing many gyms don’t have is advertising about personal training. You might see a board of trainer profiles, but that is just a lucky dip guess for most clients.

Create 2 things;
– A 12-week personal training challenge focused on everything the clients need and want. Sessions, meal plans, workout plans, free consults, reviews, gift vouchers, regular assessments, personal training software.

– A free 14 or 28 day fitness challenge. Build your brand and everything you want to achieve. Create a challenge that is going to be focused on what clients want. Since it’s the new year weight loss, Abs and squats are always a favourite. With the personal training software, you can create workouts, that you can subscribe your clients to complete.


4. GET A LIST – Everyday, get a list from your gym of everyone who has joined on that day. Ensure you call them up within 24-48 hours to establish who you are and how you can help.

Here is a basic script you can use;

If you have a list of all the members who have joined, then use this script;

• “Hey is that [PROSPECT NAME]? Hey it’s [YOUR NAME] here I’m your Personal Trainer from [THE CLUB NAME & LOCATION]”
• “How is your day been so far?”
• “I can see you recently joined the gym yeah? What is your favourite part of the gym so far?”
• “So you know, why I’m calling today is that I have been assigned as your Personal Trainer. I wanted to make sure that you know with the [PARTICULAR or UNIQUE] membership you are entitled to a free one (1) hour 1on1 Personal Training consultation and session to assist further in your health and fitness goals. I’m just wondering if morning or afternoon would be easier for you to do that?”

If they choose Morning, give them two (2) available days. Example;

• “I have [DAY] or [DAY] which is easier for you?”
• “Great! I’ve got [TIME] or [TIME] free available which is better?”
• “Awesome I’ve got you booked and also this is your right email? [EMAIL ADDRESS]”
• “Also I’ll add you to our VIP Facebook page so will just confirm that this is also you on Facebook Right? Perfect Awesome”
• “All you need to remember is to bring a towel and water bottle to the session.”
• “I hope you have a great rest of the day, if you come to the gym [Today / Tonight / Tomorrow] come say Hi.”
“See you [DAY] & [TIME]”


5. KNOW YOUR OFFER – Many personal trainers complicate the consultation sessions and also their personal training packages with different pricing, different offers and inclusions. This leads to confusion and often confusion is a sure way to getting a NO, or ‘I’ll think about it’ response.

Make your offers;
Clear – Everything that you are offering
Pricing – EASY, no discounts or reduced cost for sessions
Add Value – Increase the perceived value – What you can add is below…
• Weekly Individual Results focused Personal Training Sessions
• Complete Advanced fitness consultation and assessment
Goals setting and monthly reviews. For support
• Customised nutrition and calorie specific meal plans. All adaptive!
• Detailed – Macro Nutrient meal plans and food logging accessibility
• Ongoing nutrition, guidance and advice
• Supplement recommendation specific to your goals
• Supplement Planning direct to your PARQ screening
• Regular fitness testing so you are always improving
• Personalised weekly workout programs
• Online accessible Workout programs that change every day keeping it fresh
• Complete Video Library with all workouts with over 1000 exercises
• Corrective Exercise plans to help with posture and past limitations
• Optional sport specific proven workout plans
• Advanced Phone and Web-based food logging system
• Complete food logging system with over 70,000 items +add more
• Food Logging and Exercising logging review sessions
• Direct Online Personal Training software access. Exclusive
• Body Measurements, weight in, Plus before, progression and after pictures
• Accountability & support throughout your program
• Ongoing education via email updates and newsletter
• VIP Only Facebook community group
• Online Fitness Vault with helpful and useful information
• Healthy Recipes, from meats, shakes, desserts, breakfast and sides
• Up to 15% of all our selected supplements online
• Priority for Continued ongoing personal training sessions
• FREE 2x personal training sessions for a friend of family member
• Access to all fun social events and seminars.
• 2 x $100 Personal Training Gift cards for a friend
• FREE Saturday members only Bootcamp sessions
• FREE Post Workout Protein Shake every session
• 100% money back guaranteed

Yes, I know there is a lot of added value that you can give your client. Most of which is already inbuilt into the personal training software that we offer to all our members.

If you want to ensure that 2017 is going to be a year of success and winning then we something that you are going to love.

You can trial EVERYTHING, the coaching, software, membership and all the added bonuses of SmarterPT for only $1. Yep, that’s the offer!

Check out the Trial here;
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To creating success,

Joshua – SmarterPT

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