[VIDEO] How much is meal planning worth to your business?

So personal trainers of the world let us propose a question.

How much is meal planning worth to your business?



[Video Transcript]

I ask this question as to no surprise trainers that are not making profit, trainers that are not doing too well retention wise, and the fitness businesses which are struggling to get clients all have this pretty much in common.

They are not supplying meal plans to their clients or members.

So When it comes down to how much meal planning is worth to your business I can say that with no doubt it’s a very valuable service to provide.

I say this with confidence as I know, you as a trainer have said to probably each and every one of your clients that they
“Need to eat, clean”, “Need to eat healthily”, or maybe they need to “cut the calories out” or something else along those lines.

Because you know that nutrition is the prime responsibility to many of the changes, your clients will get. You might have heard of the 80/20 rule which is 80% is diet and 20% is exercise, or that you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. As we all know that diet is important.

So why do you as a trainer, why don’t you do something about it and ensure your clients are on the correct path in regards to their nutrition.

If you client had access to calorie specific meal plans what can this mean for your business?

1st of all, you move from being the glorified exercise supervisor, to being an expert and support of trust regarding your clients nutrition.

2nd, You can charge more for your services and can be 1 of very few trainers that actually offer nutrition support and coaching at your gym or club.

So now you position yourself above other trainers, prospective clients can see you as a better trainer with more services that clients need to get results. You stand out from everyone else.

This simplistic action of offer meal planning impacts your business in a way that you now have; more prospective consults, more service, higher retention with your clients, better results, more testimonials and higher referral traffic.

So How much is meal planning worth to your business?

Well adding more income, more profit and more ability to have freedom within your PT business mean you as a trainer can now be a successful PT business.


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