The Social Media Courses for Personal Trainers and Fitness Pros

Social Media is HUGE for Personal Trainers!

So I know that social media is huge, if you don’t where have been living?

Everyone does it, and it’s amazing, how Facebook and profit hugely from other people’s content.

As a coach, I know that even though Facebook isn’t just personal trainers, but Facebook and other social media outlets are enabling trainers all around the world to have a small or large presences online that can be very profitable to their business.

I know many trainers that have no clue when it comes to Facebook, Snapchat or the whole interweb. While others have already started and have a huge following.

For all our members in the coming months!

We are going to be releasing many ‘mini coaching courses’ that will be a part of the memberships included in our Fitness Business Coaching, Fitness Business Mentoring and Personal Training Software memberships.

Some of these ‘Mini Coaching Courses’ will be live online webinar events and others will be recorded. The majority of the courses will follow the path we have structured in in our Fitness Business Coaching and Mentoring platform which has the documents, audios, workbooks and videos we so that you can follow and implement at your own leisure.

We have added a new tab to the member’s area, so you can keep an eye on new courses, programs, software and updates that we will be launching.

You can locate it under EXTRAS > COMING SOON RESOURCES +

When we launch individual courses that will then get their own home and page, that is easily accessible.

Some of the Social Media courses we will be launching are;

  • Facebook – Ads, Markering and Authority
  • Youtube – Domination, planning, editing, Ads
  • Social Media – Planning and Scheduling
  • Blogging
  • Snapchat for Personal Trainers
  • more being added!

One Step Closer to being the biggest fitness business agency!

Thanks for all the support and help.


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