How To Stop Failing At Being A Personal Training [VIDEO]

Why So Many Personal Trainers Will Fail In Their Business!



If I said that you were going to fail would you listen to me?

If I had a crystal ball that showed you what you needed to do would you watch…

This isn’t one of those things which I promise to show you how you can make millions, or how you can become an overnight success.

This is about the people who are

  • Destined to fail
  • The people who will fail and
  • Ultimately why so many trainers, in fact, fail and will fail at their dreams.

Look I’m going against the grain of what many coaches will put out there in regards to content. Content is meant to uplift and promise hope. But hope and wishes get you nowhere unless there is action from you and commitment towards what needs to be done.
This topic of FAILURE is it to help you identify something that many coaches won’t discuss. If you have watched me in the past, I’m not the typical amongst the Fitness business coaching circle. I don’t open up my videos with:

“Are you struggling to make money”,
“How would you like an extra $1000 in your bank account next week”.

P.S I am not having digs as the coaches who are doing this.

Look all of these opening points are aimed to get a lead or subscriber as these are the top pain points that many and most personal trainers, fitness business owners and coaches will experience and why they are using this to reel you in.

The truth is, and the coaches know this, that if 100 people downloaded their free content that only maybe 80 trainers will open it up, 40 will attempt to read it, 20 would read it from page to page, about 10 will try to action it, and there is going to be 2-5 trainers that will follow it 90-100% who will get amazing results.

This is seen all through business, that the strongest will survive but it’s no the strongest, it’s the businesses and people who are determined to do whatever it takes to succeed and to do it exactly as what was explained.

Now does that make that strategy a failure? Well yes, it was perceived as a failure to many who just read, learnt about it but didn’t implement it. Those trainers will go on and say, “yeah that strategy didn’t work”.

BUT HOLD on that strategy was successful, and it was a success to those who got success and if you speak to those trainers about that strategy they will say “YES, go do it”.
Which brings me to “Why do most people fail.” Now I say fail, but really I mean “fail”, in quotations.

Most people who fail or don’t succeed are just making an attempt to justify why they are victim to their own lack of success. This failure is their way of feeling good about their decision to giving up or their lack of trying.

It’s a lot easier for many to give up before starting because it’s much easier to say it didn’t work than to say I couldn’t make it work. This is also the reason why so many people work for someone else making a wage, making their CEO richer every day, since it’s easier than being the CEO of your own destiny.
If you look at the statistics of business and what percentage succeed vs those who don’t… you could with confidence bet in the failure of a business over the success. As yes, fewer people succeed than those who fail.

  • Look most people “FAIL” at being a professional sports player,
  • most people fail at profiting huge from stocks trading,
  • most people who want to start a business fail,
  • your clients who want to get lose weight will fail the first time,
  • most people who want to become a professional actor fail…

But it’s MOST people will FAIL. Not all.

Now I said fail, fail with quotation because is not failure. No one actually fails, they often just give up.

As personal trainers, you can spend 5-10K thousand dollars learning about being a Personal training, muscles and exercises, You can spend 1-2 years studying, and even up to 6 months trying to find work, then cheap out on coaching and support for your own business and success. WHY?

This mindset fundamentally goes against what personal trainers stand for. As a trainer, you’re a coach of health and fitness to those who have a limited understanding of it.

To them you are the expert, you make it easier for them to achieve success, you know that all they need to do is stick to it and follow it 90-100% to get success.

Take a page from your own playbook. You coach people who need help in health and fitness since it makes it easier, yet don’t have a coach for your business to make it easier and more successful… If doesn’t make sense why?

To be successful, you too need coaching, a helping hand or even a mentor to help you within your business (who has been in the industry).

There is no fun guessing your way in your business just to give up since “its too hard.”

I know many trainers here who at one point, even now wanted get lean, shredded, a magazine six pack, Out of the percentage that says “I want to get a six pack” by definition those trainers that didn’t.. failed, but really did they fail? NO.

Really that just gave up, stopped doing what they needed to do to achieve that goal. Which is dropping body fat to show them abs

This Fail, Is because you gave up, you didn’t do exactly what was needed to achieve the desired outcome in regards to your training and diet.

It’s like how trainers want to be full, 40-60 sessions a week, but are hardly at the gym, and only come to the gym when no one is there. Yes, you are at the gym, just at the wrong time… go at the peak time, wake up early and stay up late.

This is how trainers fail but give justification to make themselves feel good that they “tried” but really didn’t apply the right stuff.

Look if you want more sessions, be the face of the gym, make sure everyone knows your name and position you as the trainer that is always there. Even without marketing, if everyone knew you as a trainer, someone that was helpful, willing to help each member out, prospects will seek you out over other trainers.

This is what I do daily, I’m a coach, I’m a mentor, and our business has personal training software. I help specifically personal trainers and fitness business owner achieve success.

I have built a model around; what trainers need to do to be successful.

  • What tools do they need,
  • what knowledge do they need to know
  • what action they need to take
  • and how to make it easier to achieve.

We have broken our coaching down to that if you followed it from start to finish, implement it exactly, then there is no doubt that you will be successful. You can even break into online personal training and have one of the most advanced Personal training software with all the plans, meal plans, workouts and so much more.

If you’re willing to do whatever it takes to be successful, then click here to apply.


In health and fitness,

I’m Joshua


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