How To Keep Clients While On Holidays [RETENTION]

How to keep your clients paying when you go on holidays?

One of the biggest challenges I faced when growing my businesses were that of how are my clients are going to act if I go on holidays… As at one stage every 8-12 weeks I was holidays.

The challenges personal trainers face when taking a well deserved holiday is;

  • Personal Trainers are not making an income while on holidays.
  • Your Personal Training clients won’t come back to training.
  • Your weight loss clients undo all the hard work.

After working with and coaching trainer for several years, I found that most trainers were scared that they are not making or getting ‘Holiday Pay’ and that their personal training clients won’t come back to training sessions.

Not to boast, but I always had or made and income while on holidays, and we had an extremely low attrition across the board in all our programs.

Our Top Tips for keeping clients while on holidays. Like how you want to keep clients over the X-mas break.

  1. Ensure that all personal training clients are on a secure direct debit system set up by yourself. (Not cash, not upfront payments and not direct deposit which is when the client deposits payments into your account). You need to set up a recurring direct debit service like that of,,, or, etc.
  2. 1-2 weeks before your holidays you want to ensure that you double up on sessions. (If you have a client doing 2 sessions per a week, and you are intending on going on holidays for 7 days this mean you will miss 2 sessions while you are away. To avoid this, do 3 sessions the week before holidays, and 3 sessions when you get back.) This way you make up the sessions the client is paying for.
  3. Don’t promise of mention that you will stop direct debits while on holidays. (I made this a ground rule across the board with all personal training clients). Even if a personal training client were planning on going somewhere for holidays themselves, I would make sure that we did extra sessions before their holidays and extra session when they get back.Example client was doing 2 sessions a week. If they go away for 2 weeks, that is 4 sessions owed. So 1-2 weeks before we would do an extra sessions so 3 sessions a week for 2 weeks, and either 3 or 4 sessions their first week back to kick their butt back into the habit of personal training.
  4. Schedule the sessions in advance. If you know you are going on holidays, let you clients know in advance but not too many weeks ahead. 3-4 weeks before any holiday period I would let my clients know. I will tell them ” Hey, Sally in 3 weeks I’m going on holidays only for 7 days, so would you like to do an extra session the week before or 2 extra when I get back?”
  5. Have Personal Training Software. With our personal training software that we have available, it’s straightforward and easy to set up and schedule extra training sessions you want your members to complete. With this set up of personal training software, you can create and schedule extra sessions in a few minutes for each of your clients.Every morning when you wake up, you can spend 5-10 minutes sending reminder SMS, congratulations and motivational text when you see in the back end of the PT software which of your clients have completed workouts, logged their foods and are still hitting their goals.
  6. BONUS, Set up a challenge for the length of your holiday
    Have a 30-day challenge already running for you members to complete.Since we had 1on1 PT clients, Online Personal Training and a free worldwide monthly Facebook challenge. This allowed our business to have services available 24/7 for every one of our members.Though this was a free challenge, It gave my personal training clients an extra level of training to ensure maximum calories burn and they kept up with some type of training while I was away.

    You can either have a small challenge or a massive worldwide challenge. If you are already investing in creating workouts and a challenge, spend the extra 60 minutes developing it for anyone and everyone to join. This way your brand and skills can go viral or gain some quality leads that can be turned into paying clients.

I hope this helps our personal training community of experts to have high retention when going on holidays.

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