How to have 40-60 PT sessions a week!

How to build your PT business to be booked out!
How to make $2000 per week in personal training!
How to have 40 – 60 personal training sessions a week!

These are probably the biggest pain points that most personal trainers want to know. It also comes to no surprise that all personal training business coaching or fitness business mentors use to get leads into their courses or to sell their programs.

This is the hard and true knowledge that you need to know if you every wants to break through to being a booked out personal trainer, making $2000 per week in your PT business or having 60 PT sessions consistently every week.

1. How SMART are you willing to work –

This isn’t S.M.A.R.T. goal setting, this is about how smart are you willing to work in your business. As a PT, turn business owner to coach and owner of SmarterPT there is actually a lot of silly things I see personal trainers doing on a daily basis.

a. When are you arriving and finishing at work? If you are not in the gym when it’s packed to scout, offer help and be the face of your PT business no one will know you exist.

b. Are you avoiding or paying attention? Stop avoiding eye contact, stop avoiding not saying hello. Speak to everyone and if you are free, twiddling your thumbs, get your butt out there and offer your services to assist. A prospect will approach a trainer they know over those they don’t.

2. How consistent are you with your clients –

Consistently is key and creating a habitual routine that your clients can manage will go a very far way.

a. You set the schedule, not your clients! Trainers often think that if your clients have a fancy booking system where clients can create bookings, swap and change when they like this is a added benefit. This is actually opposite and creates too much possibility and not enough habits with your clients.

b. Lock in your clients to have their sessions at the same time on the same days. (yes some clients will be on shift work, so work around it to your best ability).

c. By keeping a predictable schedule you know when you have sessions, when you can prospect and when there is time to relax and when you can perform consults.

d. Create a predictable schedule for yourself to get more done. Make sure that your day is planned as best you can. In your calendar know when you’re waking up, showering, going to the gym, doing your workouts, making calls, having sessions, consults, admin and other duties. By doing this, you will ensure you’re working on all aspects of your business.


3. Be the best possible trainer, to ensure you offer the best possible service –

Let us put it out there, if you committed a crime you want to have a lawyer who has been in business for years, not someone who has just graduated. Most PT’s have to start somewhere, and when we all start out we have flaws in our delivery, but more in our training and type of training, we do with our clients. New trainers can be at a disadvantage. So it’s crucial to upskill and offer services that get results.

a. Personal Training software is a MUST. Certain PT software is key to your development but also the success of your clients and you as a trainer. When starting out or even when you’re a veteran in the industry having something that is proven to work allows for minimal errors and far more efficient results. Check out the personal trainer software we use, it has meal planner, meal menus, workout plans, exercise builder, logs, measurements, coaching notes and so much more!

b. Upskill your business. You as a trainer are an expert in fitness right? You give help to those who need more help in exercise and getting results. So get a coach for your business to help you succeed in the industry. Our fitness business coaching programs have the very best systems, strategies, marketing, knowledge and must know the information to be the best in your niche.


4. Payments on direct debit with all clients –

If you clients are still paying you cash then they are in control of your income, not you. Even with the best intentions, the promises the clients will make, guaranteed 90% if not all 100% of those clients will cancel, miss sessions or not turn up. You being the kind hearted person you are will say “It’s okay” Do this too often, and you can be missing out on $1000’s of dollars each month. If you want to have consistency, build a 6 figure PT business or be maxed out this is impossible if your clients are paying cash. Till this day I don’t know any trainer that has successfully built a business on cash payments.

a. Direct debit keeps you in control. Your clients will ensure they come to each session, and there are a higher retention rate and less cancelled sessions.

b. Only accept direct debit! No more cash.

5. Have a minimum period that your clients need to train with you –

The #1 reason why most clients quit is lack or results, #2 you allow them to leave.

a. You will find that if there is no minimum term of a contract with your sessions that clients will choose to quit when times get hard. If a client is new to exercise, DOMS, fatigue, pain are just some of the expected but unexpected walls that many of your clients will face. Some clients who hit this wall will think the need time off from training to recover, and if there is the freedom that they can, they will use it, and most clients will not come back. Set all minimums as 12 weeks (You can then market this as a “12 Week Challenge”.

b. Position your sessions to get results! I know that getting clients and making money mean you will sometimes take anyone on board. I even did this early on in my career. As soon as I transitioned into a client that had set terms did I see my income, sessions and retention spike through the roof. 1 change towards this was only to take clients on who can commit to a minimum of 2 sessions per a week. By doing this you can ensure your clients are getting better results. (12 weeks Locked in with a minimum of 2 PT sessions per a week)


If you are finding that you are a trainer that needs more help, if you’re a trainer that needs Personal training software which has all the meal plannings, loggings, workouts, exercise builders and more then hit the apply button to see if you can come onboard.



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