The Focal Point Of Personal Trainers Making Goals [VIDEO] [TIPS]

Personal Trainers Setting Goals For Their Business




The focal point of your individual goals is super important. It’s funny when people say they are afraid of heights and knowing this the first thing that most people say is “Don’t look down”.

We are often told not to do something without being explained why not to do it. And this mentality often is displayed when trying to achieve a goal without knowing what to do.

IF you have watched a ‘Fail’ video or people stupidly stuff and hurting themselves, there is always a video of someone who crashed into something, yet you think how did they do that. This happens since the person if focused on not crashing into it, yet they can’t take their eyes of what they don’t want to crash into. If you are focusing on what not to do, how can you focus on what to do?

Look here is a simple example, do this now, I want you to close your eyes, don’t open them, this isn’t hypnotism or anything, but I just want you to close your eyes. And don’t open your eyes until I say so, now I want you to turn your head this way…. Now most if not all of you I know you opened up your eyes to see which way my head was turned…

Why because the directive wasn’t clear. This cleanness is similar to how many trainers don’t have a clear focal point of their goals.

In the fitness business coaching program, we establish how to create this. Look if you didn’t know that you could climb Mount Everest, then a goal to climb it wouldn’t be something you would be interested in doing. But it’s because you know it can be done that people say (I’ll like to climb Mt Everest) So it’s important to know what is possible and what your goals would look like if you achieved and set out to make that goal happen.

As its much easier to know what direction to head when you have your Business GPS turned on with your eyes open.

Many trainers have no direction, only a basic goals of “make money, get clients” and wonder why this never happens or why it feels impossible to achieve.

For example, just to make it simple If you wanted a 6 figure business?

  • How much is that exactly, 100k, 150k or 250k?
  • Then break that down into a weekly goal!
  • How many personal training sessions would be needed to get that number?
  • How many clients would that be?
  • How many hours of training do you need to do?
  • How many consults would be required to get that number?
  • How many leads do you need to generate for you to get that number?Then how are you going to get those leads?
  • Then what is it that you need to do right now to start that?
  • Then you give yourself a time frame, 1, 3, 6 or 12 weeks or months.
  • Then figure out what is it that you need to do every week to achieve that goal.

For many it can be generating leads for your Pt business, Strengthening you retention with clients or even having stronger sales ability to close more leads.

Goals, Direction and knowing what you need to do to get there is the only way.

By knowing that the PT business has the highest attrition rates that a lot of trainers give up in their first 6-8 months it’s only logical that you a trainer set out to have someone to help guide you to achieve the goals your set out.

If you need direction and guidance, apply to see if you make the cut and are going to make the commitment to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.


I’m Joshua,

And I’ll see you all soon!



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