5 Tips for keeping personal training clients

5 Tips for keeping personal training clients for longer.

Fact: Personal trainers hate sales.
Fact: Personal trainers want more clients.
Fact: Many trainers fail in their business due to lack of sales and lack of income.

It’s well known that once you have a client, it’s much easier to ensure you keep that client paying for services than selling your services to a new prospect. So once you have the client do everything to keep them happy.

To keep your clients happy our best tips is to ensure;

  • They’re getting results.
  • Your sessions are fun and enjoyable.
  • They are getting more than just training.

Beyond that here is our SmarterPT Tips for keeping your personal training clients for longer.

  1. Put your clients before prospects – NEVER, EVER Put your prospects before your paying clients. Ensure you make time for your members and always give back to them by providing 110% effort towards helping them achieve their goals.
  2. Be the ONLY expert – You want to be the only expert on their whole health and fitness journey. If your allow your members to have multiple experts (the supplement store staff, someone for nutrition and you for fitness), this allows for confusions and the possible loss of retention with your members. For this, we have Personal Training Software which allows for your to have all the plans, nutrition, workouts, proven strategies and supplements.
  3. Be in constant communication – If you are only training your client possibly twice a week, then you need to ensure that you are at least in contact with them every few days. Ensure that you are confirming every session with them the day before. Make sure that you are congratulating them on any success they have had in the week. Tag them in an interesting article on Facebook and finally send them a motivational text message every week.
  4. Create a schedule for all of your clients sessions – Many personal trainers think that allowing your clients to pick and choose when they are training is a great way for clients not to be pressured. THIS IS WRONG! When you initially sit down with your clients you want to lock in specific times and days every week as a recurring schedule. This ensures that they have a schedule which they keep and must show up to.
  5. Direct Debit – This should be #1, but I have it as number 5 so its the last thing you read and the first thing to action. A direct debit ensures that your client doesn’t keep you to ransom when it comes to payments. Trainers that don’t have a direct debit system in place will see that they are losing money each week when clients decide not to show. Clients will magically disappear since there is no obligation. Direct debit ensures a consistent income, increase retention which in turn means your clients stay long enough to get results which mean they stay for longer.

Here are just 5 of many tips.

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