8 Top Tips To Getting Better Results With Your Personal Training Clients.

8 Top Tips To Getting Better Results With Your Personal Training Clients.

When it comes to personal training, there is always room to grow and ways to implement more strategies that allow for you to have better results with your personal training clients.

Some of these are basic, but there is a difference between knowing about it, but also actually implementing this into your business for greater success.

After many years within the personal training industry, having staff, running a successful online personal training business, to now coaching and mentoring personal trainers worldwide, here are some top tips.

  1. Monitor your clients eating and training plans. Implement Personal Training Software that can log their eating habits. This can and will increase their results and give you a reference to the types of sessions you should be giving your clients. Quickly jump into your personal training software to see if they’re on target or if you need to up the ante in their sessions
  2. Use supplements to fast track results. By having access to your supplement store online, you can recommend and prescribe supplements that can help increase their performance. Also, this will contribute to filling that nutrition gap of dieting.
  3. Ensure before, after and progress photos are taken. Using photos helps you as a trainer to show your client how well their training is going. This also helps create proof when your clients start plateauing in results or not focusing on weight loss. As a bonus, you can use this for testimonials and on social media which can help gain referrals and increase authority.
  4. Celebrate a client of the month (different one every time). You can choose to celebrate the most improved, greatest weight loss, most progress or most improved. Ensure that every 2-4 weeks you’re celebrating a client. You might want to do this every week or twice a week if you have more than 20 clients, so everyone feels appreciated.
  5. Follow up on your clients after their sessions. Get into the habit to integrate yourself into their life, so they are more than just a client but a (client-friend). Check up about how they are feeling after sessions, the weekend or anything they shared they have shared they are doing during the week.
  6. Hold Info evenings and educate your clients as a group on nutrition and other health and fitness topics. You can hold these every month, and make it an evening or weekend event. These are great to help sell and integrate supplements into your member’s meal plans, to hold group challenges or help your members see the success others have had. This is also great to help build referral business if your members bring friends along.
  7. Keep your training fresh and mix it up. Keep every session different, using different equipment and a lot of hands-on training allows for you to have a greater connection with your members. Even working out and performing some exercises with your members is great. Try running along side your members, perform the last few reps of exercises or even plank with them.
  8. Education your member online. Always be adding content to your blog and ensure there is new content online to build your authority.

Good Luck.

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