Fitness business Coaching Explained & Why PT’s Need It [VIDEO] [TIPS]

Why You Need to Have a Coach For Your Personal Training Business



I get all the time, to explain coaching or why does someone need coaching or mentoring.

It’s strange and sometimes hard to break down that wall of what it exactly a coach and mentor does, and how it attains to that person.
Like anything, there are going to be individuals who excel with a coach while others don’t.

After coaching personal trainers worldwide, for many years now, I’ve noticed that it does come down 3 things that help make someone “coachable”

The learning styles that person if they are;

  • Visual
  • Auditory
  • Kinesthetic
  • Logical
  • Social
  • or a Solitary learner.

There is also the personality, If someone is RED BLUE YELLOW OR GREEN.
Basically if that person has a;

  • RED – Strong desire to win,
  • BLUE – If they follow strong leadership,
  • YELLOW – Are loyal and excellent team players. OR
  • GREEN – logical and calculated in their thinking.

And finally, if that person liked or didn’t like school maybe the didn’t like being “teached”.

For me to explain coaching its airy, coaching is one of those things that needs to be experienced to know exactly what it does.

As me saying to you, “So you and I, are going to chat,
I’m going to give you tips, direction and support,
and you’re going to get amazing results, to transform your life, business and be a huge success”.

You hear that, and it’s a fairy tail, It’s like saying, “take this magical pill, and you don’t have to worry about exercise and dieting again.”

Honestly, To most coaching can sound like a scam…

If you have ever done coaching, you know that it does work.

If you are a person that is looking to get better at something you get coached. Speak to the biggest gurus, success stories and millionaires and billionaires and guaranteed they have someone, a coach or mentor there by their side.

I as a coach, when I was personal training I had a mentor and someone, that helped me build my business. Without him, that person to guide and coach me on what is needed to be done. Without hesitation, I can say that I would have probably quit.

But it’s funny me as a coach, I now know that it’s needed, I have mentors all around me, These people to help guide and assert their opinion on what needs to be done to get the next level.

I know that its a lot more fun when your winning when you know what to do.

Do you think most sports athletes, soccer, football, or even golf pros if they didn’t have a coach do you think they would be in those major leagues or playing professionally making millions? Very doubtful.

Ideally, if you have ever taken up a sport of some kind, guaranteed you got advice from a professional. Me personally that is golf, I’ve played since I was probably 14.

With golf, I’ve had a handful of lessons but never had regular coaching. I’ve bought thousand dollars worth of clubs, was a member and a few clubs, enter pro and amateur competition. The amount of money I’ve spend would be $10,000 or more including balls, bags, green fees and hiring cost, yet I’m not a professional in golf, far from it actually.

If you look at the amount of money I have invested in golf, and the return it has given me. Well, I’m no Tiger Woods, and I’m not making millions from it.

With most sports, you set out to have fun. You know from the start that it’s not a career unless you are great at it… BUT I guess that many of you didn’t join a gym, then the next day say, “I’m going to be a personal trainer.” right?

Picture this, the chances are;
If Tiger Woods and I work together, he and I play golf every day.
he even pointed me to his coach, the person who is helping him be the best player when he was in his prime. I also coached with him consistently, not just a few lessons, but consistently to help me become a professional player

Do you think maybe that I would be a better golfer? Well no doubt

Do you say maybe that If someone was there to tell me the right from the wrong, that I would be playing better than I am today?

Do you say if I worked every day, practised every day, trained every day, and measured my performance that I would be better? Well, no doubt…

If you follow the path of success and learn from someone who has done it before, you know what to avoid and what to do.

This is why you should listen to those who have succeeded as oppose to those who have failed.

Like really would you want to listen to someone who has lost money in trading stocks, who says “Oh you will lose money”.
Would you rather learn the exact steps from someone who succeeded and made money in stocks?

Well, I know personally I would rather listen to the winners.

For many trainers out there you need to have a proven path or a path that works for you to win and achieve your goals.

For example, If you’re a trainer and spend only a few hours prospecting in the gym, and then 10 hours at home prospecting clients online when you’re not an online trainer… What is the point?

Most trainers don’t even know where to start; for example;

If a member was new to the gym and exercise and walked in and was instantly welcomed by a personal trainer that knew their name as, oppose to the trainer that is too busy playing candy crush on their phone… Who is that person going to pick if they need help?

Sounds simple but are you doing it?

These are just simple tips to that might not come naturally to you as a trainer.

If you’re struggling as a trainer, aren’t making ends meet, or not making the dollars you deserve. You need to look at what is it that you doing on a daily basis.

Most trainers that are struggling are hardy at the gym. You then need to be at the gym all the time, You need to be full time in your business, to be seen as a PT.
Most trainers if they are coachable need to learn from a coach who has been in the industry, have someone there to empower your business with the best strategies in sales and marketing,

Level up your business and get personal training software to offer more service and increase your value available so no one can compete with you.

This is what SMARTERPT is all about.

Coaching, It just makes more sense than guessing and not succeeding…

If you want to be a part of this, then hit the apply button to see if you can be a part of our fitness business agency.

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