I’m Back, We have opened the door on our new program!

I’m writing this to let you all know we are BACK, not that I was gone, but back to open a new door for our fitness business community.

Up until recently, I’ve only worked with personal trainers on a referral basis. Working with them 1on1 to help their business as a fitness business coach. I’ve been working with some many top personal trainers worldwide and many local personal trainers here in Australia who have broken through the roof of struggling to ultra successful personal trainers.

Way back in Mid-2015 I knew that there needed to be a newer way to coach and influence more creative personal trainers around the world. I knew 1on1 wasn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea or coffee or maybe just water.

All the knowledge, Material, Plans, Processes, Software and everything that was bottled up inside my head came together in an epic explosion. To open the door to allow me to have a bigger more important footprint to allowing personal trainers to launch and grow their businesses.

I know that personally, I can only ever coach 1on1 a handful of people, but by launching our coaching program allows you as trainers to have everything and so much more at your fingertips when you need it.

I decided to produce this epic coaching program that anyone, any trainer no matter in a gym, studio or online can immediately impact their business.

I’ve invested a lot of money to produce the best personal trainer fitness business coaching programs. Which we can happily say, is helped and made the trainers we are working with very happy.

We even took it upon ourselves to have the very best in personal training software available. Which you have to see it, just to understanding know epic and how this is going to transform your business.

For those who don’t know me, I welcome you to our business, and to those loyal trainers already in our inner circle, I thank you for being such an active and amazing community of individuals who keep me on my feet.

REMEMBER: The reward of success is so much sweeter when you work on it until you succeed.


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