How To Avoid Personal Training Injuries

How To Avoid Personal Training Injuries

Picture this… You secure a client, this is a new client, they want to lose weight, they are dedicated, they want to train 4 sessions a week. You’re generating an income from this client of about $198 per week, and you have predicted that this client is going to be with you for the next 12 months. This one client is essentially worth $10,000+ ($10,296)

But due to the type of training and exercise this client become injured…

Can you afford to lose $10,000 in potential income? NO

So what can you do to ensure that your clients don’t become injured?

For many trainers out there you know that if your clients are not hitting their goals, not enjoying their sessions or become injured through an exercise that clients will soon cancel, if not stop their personal training session altogether.

So the question is how you can prevent your clients to becoming injured?

  • Well, you can choose easy exercise, with a light weight… But this can become boring.
  • Choose to integrate OPT Phases with Personal Training Software

Great Josh, but what is OPT Phases… Well, I’m glad you asked 🙂


What is OPT

The OPT model is a phase-specific model of training. These 5 phases systematically progress all clients through the three main adaptations of stabilization, strength and power.


When working with today’s typical client, who is likely to be deconditioned, fitness professionals must take special consideration when designing programs. An integrated approach should be used to create safe programs that consider the functional capacity for each individual.

The majority of traditional training programs do not emphasise all aspects of the muscle contraction spectrum. Generally, the emphasis is placed on how much weight one can lift concentrically. Rarely do you see one emphasise how slowly they can eccentrically lower the weight back to the starting position or how well they can isometrically stabilise the load before they lift the weight again.

However, most injuries occur during the eccentric and isometric phases of movement. Individuals are typically not trained efficiently to slow themselves down (or decelerate) nor are they efficient in their ability the dynamically stabilise themselves. This style of training poorly equips the exerciser to handle the dynamic requirements of an active life.

The OPT Phases has been built into all of the programs with the Personal Training Software. These are proven workouts that work for a society that has more physical structural imbalances and susceptibility to injury than ever before. It is a process of programming that systematically progresses any client to any goal.

This allows you as a trainer to get better results with your clients, which in turn mean you get more referrals, more testimonials and greater before and after pictures for Facebook and Instagram.

Check out what the personal training software has to offer!
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