Luck is so overrated

Luck is so overrated, so turn it into reality…

You’re so LUCKY to be going overseas, you’re so LUCKY to be working for yourself, and you’re so LUCKY to be where you are now! I hear this all the time from friends, family and other personal trainers.

I don’t think that this is luck; I just get shit done and make it happen!

This same mentality of ‘GETTING SHIT DONE’ helped propel my last personal training business to over $500K in turnover in less than 8 months with 7 locations and 16 full-time personal trainers. So here today I want to share with you some simple strategies that will help unify your mind with your goals to get your business moving forward so you can have others telling you that you’re so LUCKY.

I would like to share 3 simple strategies that can help you increase your sales and productivity in the next 4 weeks.

The Chunk Down – a simple process of double or even tripling your bottom line.

I do this every 12 weeks. I figure out what I need to increase different aspects of my business from coaching sessions, online personal training clients, affiliate sales, leads, etc.

If you want to go from 20 sessions to 40 sessions per week how can you get there in 5 weeks?

If you need an extra 20 sessions?
20 sessions are approx 10 clients (assuming all clients do 2 sessions p/w)
10 clients, I can sell from 15 consults.
15 consults mean I need to have 25 booked consults (allowing for 10 no-shows).
25 consults mean I need to generate 50 leads.
50 leads over 5 weeks.
So I need to generate 10 leads per week.

So I want to be making sure that I’m generating more than 10 leads every week.

Tracking – It’s like having a Food Diary for your business.

5 Weeks ago how many sessions/income/client shows/clients cancelled/ consults booked did you have? What about 8 weeks ago? Have you increased or decreased? You should be able to answer these simple questions straight away as these are your KPI (Key Performance Indicators) to show the success and growth of your business.

You don’t need a fancy program, just an excel spreadsheet with your numbers you want to see increasing. In our fitness business coaching or out 1on1 Fitness Business Mentoring program we have designed the perfect tracking sheet

Systems & Software – Become a better trainer

To be honest, this is a hero, something all trainers need, but surprisingly not all trainers will get. With the amount of personal trainers in the industry, it’s hard to get noticed if you are not different or providing something of exceptional value.

Imagine the difference and results you would produce if all your clients had access to;
Their individual calories specific meal plans, vs. generic healthy eating plans.
Have proven workout plans with videos & instructions vs. a plan on a piece of paper

This is just the iceberg of what our PT software can provide.
Click above on the PT software to learn more!
Clients want results, so give them results which will ensure you become a top trainer outperforming the average mass of trainers who will soon be saying… You are so LUCKY!

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Joshua Haswell

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